The demand for reliable California cannabis news is growing by leaps and bounds. CalPotNews is evolving to meet that need.

A bit of history: (CPN) was born in 2009 as a simple news aggregator site focusing mainly on so-called “mainstream media” outlets. It was cool for a while, but let’s face it: Cannabis coverage wasn’t their forte, and I wasn’t exactly a master web designer. CalPotNews went on hiatus in 2012, and nobody seemed to mind all that much.

Original header logo
Original header logo (2009).

Three major events in the past two years have sparked the return of CalPotNews:

  • The California Legislature’s passage of the Medical Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act, which sparked a new wave of local bans and intense interest in commercial medical cannabis licensing;
  • The enactment of the Adult Use of Marijuana Act (Proposition 64) by California voters, which sparked a new wave of local bans and intense interest in commercial licensing for non-medical cannabis businesses; and
  • The election of Donald Trump to the U.S. presidency, which has given rise to near-daily assaults — often by tweet — on American journalism itself.

Taking on Trump’s tenuous relationship with the truth is beyond the scope of CalPotNews 2.0, but we can do our part by reporting #RealFacts about California cannabis news and events. Our goal is to complement the important role played by “mainstream media” outlets while throwing in some original coverage of our own. We’ll run opinion and analysis articles from time to time, including Bud’s Blog, and we’ll throw in some ads and sponsored content to help pay the bills.

What we won’t do is disseminate “hidden agendas” or “alternative facts,” whether they come from the U.S. attorney general, local agencies or the edibles maker down the street. The core strengths of American journalism are a) researching and reporting #RealFacts, and b) explaining how people with often-divergent views interpret and act upon those real facts. No single news story can tell the full truth to thousands of readers or viewers who filter information through their own biases and personal experiences. Journalism is a constant process of daily discovery by reporters and readers, not to be confused with scorched-earth attacks against fact-based reporting and science.